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A Nation of Cowards?

I hate to say, “I TOLD YOU SO,” but I did tell you so. In a November 5th blog, following the election of Barack Obama, I wrote:

The people have spoken. Barack Hussein Obama has been elected the 44th President of the United States of America. The Left Wing press is ecstatic, white guilt has been assuaged, Affirmative Action has been vindicated, and socialist Europe loves us again. Now comes the rub... It ain’t over! If you think this means that the “America is a racist society” crowd will have to shut up, you’ve got another thing coming. In fact, watch the press closely in the coming days. There will be a concerted effort to press the opposite point. Jesse Jackson (who said he wanted to castrate Obama a couple of months ago because he had the audacity to call black fathers to account), Al Sharpton, and their ilk will argue that this is merely proof that policies like Affirmative Action work, and that such efforts need to be redoubled; not abandoned. They believe we need to continue telling young black boys and girls that they are not smart enough, good enough, industrious enough, capable enough, and America is not ‘fair’ enough for them to succeed without special help that their white (or Asian) counterparts don’t need.

Now the other shoe has dropped. Attorney General Eric Holder (a black man appointed by a black President) has called the United States a “Nation of Cowards” because of our supposed unwillingness to ‘talk’ about issues of “race” (enough of this electing and appointing people... lets talk). Many have condemned Holder’s comments. However, others are chiming in and singing the same old “America is a racist nation” song. Frankly, I’m tired of it all. Are there racists in America? Absolutely! There are white racists and black racists, and racists of every political, socio-economic strata. So what? Is “talking” about race really what we need? The answer to that question is a resounding NO! Talk is cheap. Racism is sin, and the last time I checked, the gospel, not talk, was the only cure for sin.

We’ve been having a so-called ‘racial dialogue’ for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately (as evidenced by the following clip), that dialogue has not advanced one inch. The Michael Eric Dysons of the world are still singing the same tired song and the Pat Buchanans of the world are still falling into the trap. Ironically, though he tried to paint Bucanan as the racist, Michael Eric Dyson is the man who referred to interracial relationships as “genocidal”. He wrote:

Man, that’s genocidal. And not only on a metaphysical level; that’s genocidal at a physical level. Because what ends up happening is that you’re slapping your mother, retroactively. You’re trying to commit retroactive abortion, by reseeding yourself in the womb of a dominant white culture that wants to produce you as their child. (Source: Debating Race With Michael Eric Dyson, p. 172).

“Retroactive abortion”? Can you imagine a white man saying that about the idea of intermarrying with black women? I guarantee you he wouldn’t have kept his professorship at Georgetown. Or how about a white Attorney General who called America a “Nation of Cowards” for its unwillingness to talk about the fact that the leading cause of poverty, teen pregnancy, dropout rates, violent crime and incarceration is not racism, but fatherlessness (see here). Or the fact that 94% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks?

Racism is big business (non-profit organizations, grants, quota-filling professorships, quote-filling political appointments, quota-filling corporate jobs, corporate extortion, etc.). There are people whose entire careers are based on promoting the idea that America is a racist Nation from which “racial justice” must be extracted by force. That is not to say that racism is dead. As I stated earlier, there are plenty of racists in America. It’s just that those with increased melanin levels are usually referred to as something else... especially by people who want to avoid being called racists. Unfortunately, these are the people to whom Holder referred as cowards. I guess that’s what you call a “Catch 22”.