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Men's Conference

Equipping Men to Embrace Their God-Given Roles in the Church, the Home, and the World

Men's Conferences are often little more than pep-rallies designed to guilt or motivate men into "doing better" next time. Our approach to Men's Conferences is different.

Voddie Baucham has preached at Men's Conferences throughout the United States. His unique, clear, passionate, no-nonsense approach to the Scriptures make him an ideal choice to address men. Moreover, his understanding of the Gospel and it's central importance in the Christian life helps him avoid the pitfalls of works righteousness/guilt/based teaching that men hear all too frequently at men's events.

This is not your old fashioned, "You've got to work harder, do better, and get in touch with your feminine side" men's speaker. Nor is it the psychobabble that blames men's struggles on the absense or passivity of their fathers, or lack of "accountability partners" in their lives. This is the application of the truth of the gospel to the lives and circumstances of men with an emphasis on both the indicatives and imperatives of Scripture.


What is a Christian Man?

The key to a VBM Men's Conference is the clear presentation of the gospel. Unfortunately, most people reading this just confused the aforementioned statement with the "plan of salvation." That's part of the problem. We no longer know what the gospel is. In this session, we help men see the damage that has been done by the easy believism, cheap grace and salesmanship that has passed for gospel preaching and introduce them to the concept of biblical conversion.

This is both freeing and uncomfortable. We advise churches to think very carefully about the way the present the gospel and do evangelism before deciding on this presentation. If you view the "Four Spiritual Laws" as a solid witnessing tool, or use Revelation 3:20 to coax people into "asking Jesus into their hearts," you might have a hard time explaining that after this session.

The Christian Man as Son

One of the most unfortunate aspects of Men's Conferences is the tendency to forget young men. As a result, there is often little emphasis on the role of the man as son. In this session, we examine the fifth commandment and it's implications for men both young and old as the struggle to strike a balance between independence and submission to authority. In this session, we will answer questions like, "What are the responsibilities of a son to his parents while he is in the home?" and "What are the responsibilities of a son to his parents when they are old?"

The Christian Man as Husband

Most men struggle with their role as husband. This is not only a result of poor teaching and bad examples, it is also a question of missing the importance the Bible places on marriage as a portrait of the relationship between Christ and the church. In this session we go beyond asking men to work harder at understanding and loving their wives, we attempt to show them the sins of blasphemy and idolatry that lay at the heart of much of their neglect in this area. A man who does not care about his relationship with his wife is a man who either does not understand, or properly value Christ and the Church. Hence, we call men to proper worship and adoration of Christ that leads to a proper view of marriage.

In addition, we not only address the role of the man once he has become a husband, we also address the issue of raising sons with a clear vision for marriage.

The Christian Man as Father

The only thing worse in our culture today than the way men view themselves as husbands is the way they view themselves as fathers. Men have no idea how important this role is in the development of their children physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this session, we help men grasp a bigger vision for their role and it's importance in the grand scheme of things. The family is a hub of gospel-centered activity that serves as the foundation upon which the faith of the next generation is built (Deut. 6:6-7; cf. Eph. 6:4).

This session helps men see their role as father through the indicatives and imperatives of Scripture. Building on the foundation of the "What is a Christian Man" session, this session calls men to view their children as blessings to be embraced and received with gladness, and arrows to be trained, honed, and some day launched.

The Christian Man at Work

One of the most difficult things men have to do is balance work and home. Or so they think. The difficulty is actually viewing work as an expression of worship and gratitude (Colossians 3:23; cf. Ecclesiastes 9:10) as opposed to a measure of one's worth. This session will help men see work as God intended it to be before the fall, then trace the effects of the curse all the way down to our own struggle. This in turn will give new insight into the delicate balance we attempt to strike, and how our view of God, not our view of work or family, is the real key.

The Christian Man and the Sins He Must Mortify

There are undoubtedly sins with which men in particular struggle. We have heard a great deal about men and their struggle with pornography, lust, and sex. However, little has changed. Most men find themselves on the same roller coaster again and again. Moreover, there are other sins like anger, malice and pride that (because of the current emphasis on all things sexual) go completely unaddressed.

This session is less about overcoming particular sins than it is about the mortification of sin in general (to borrow a phrase from John Owen). This session cries out to men with that age-old warning, "sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it."" (Genesis 4:7)

The Christian Man and the Church

Why do churches have to constantly beg men to get involved? Part of the reason lies in the feminization of the church. Another aspect is the spiritual passivity of men. However, a great deal of the problem arises out of confusion over men's roles in the modern, corporate, highly professional church. Today, men have more opportunities than ever before to "plug in," but fewer places than ever that actually fit. However, Christian men can have a vital, masculine, rewarding ministry in spite of the limited number of Sunday school teaching, or deacon slots in the church.

This session will examine the vital Titus 2 ministry older men can have in the church, and the critical role young men can and should play in support of the Church's ministry.