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Pastor's Conference

Equipping Pastors to Shepherd the Flock

Though known for his itinerate ministry, Voddie Baucham has served the local church for over fiteen years. He has served as a Minister of Missions, Pastor of Evangelism, Teaching Pastor, and Pastor of Preaching. He is also an experienced church planter with a wealth ofexperience in visionary leadership. All of this combined with his fast experience preaching and serving in church of various types and sizes has served to equip him with a unique ability to relate to pastors.


While Dr. Baucham can address any of his other conference topics for an audience of pastors, these are a few of the topics he commonly addresses at pastors conferences around the country:

Expository Apologetics

Pastors are required and expected to be apologists. Paul makes this clear in his letter to Titus, where he explains that a qualified elder is a man who "hold[s] firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it." (Titus 1:9 ESV) This refutation, however, is not just a matter of engaging in formal apologetic debates. There is a sense in which all of our preaching must have this element.

In this session we will explore ways to turn every sermon into an opportunity to "refute those who contradict" sound doctrine. We will also explore a unique method of looking at apologetics that depends on key apologetic texts as templates for answering objections to the claims of the gospel. A classic example of this is the message, Why I Choose to Believe the Bible, or The Supremacy of Christ in Truth in a Postmodern World (both messages are available on the home page)

Redemptive Historic Exposition

The Bible has one central message; the message of God's redemption of his elect in the person and work of Jesus Christ. But how do we preach Christ from all of Scripture? More importantly, do we believe we should? In this message, Voddie Baucham will demonstrate the necessity, relevance, and power of redemptive-historic, or Christ-centered exposition. He will also offer practical helps for pastors who want to go beyond allegorizing, moralizing, and trivializing Old Testament narrative, wisdom literature, the prophets and the rest, and learn to preach "Christ and him crucified" without neglecting the fundamental principles of biblical exposition.

Visionary Church Planting

There is a great need for church planting in our day. In the South, for example, effective church planting strategies would need to result in nearly 30,000 new churches over the next twenty years just to keep up with population growth. Unfortunately, most churches do not see this need. As a result, few churches have a vision for church planting. Moreover, much of the modern church plating movement is dominated by pragmatists who have turned the process into little more than an exercise in modern marketing.

This session will attempt to present a biblical philosophy of church planting, and offer practical ways churches can participate in this endeavor.

Church and Home Synergy in Discipleship

The failure to disciple the next generation has been a topic of much discussion. Voddie Baucham has been at the forefront of that discussion since the publication of his book, Family Driven Faith. As a result, pastors are no longer asking if there is a problem. Instead, they are asking, "What do we do?"

This session opens God's word and examines the clear instructions of Titus chapters one and two with a view toward presenting a balanced, biblical picture of the synergy between the church and the home in the discipleship of the next generation. This message is an absolute must for anyone grappling with the truths presented in Family Driven Faith.