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Transforming Family Ministry

Equipping Churches to Walk in Truth

The transforming Family Ministry Conference is a life-changing event for churches. This conference mirrors the Family Driven Faith Conference with one major exception. The TFM Conference offers a one-day training seminar/consultation for church leaders and staff. The principles of family discipleship are crucial not only for individual families, but for the entire church. Many churches have begun to realize that the ver structures and philosophies of their ministries (designed to help families) have in many ways crippled families by doing for them what God commanded them to do for themselves.


Pastor/Church Leader Session

Churches throughout America are beginning to realize that they must change the way they minister to families. This session is designed to help the staff and leadership get on the same page, answer tough questions, set realistic, biblical goals, and launch a new paradigm following the conference. The conference then serve to create a broader consensus among the church and lay the theological/philosophical foundation for change.

Family Discipleship and the Church

This session opens the eyes of the participants to the contemporary tragedy in evangelicalism. We are losing a generation. Teens are abandoning the church at alarming rates, birht rates are plummeting and less than 10% of professing evangelicals have a biblical worldview. This 'perfect storm' has the modern American church on a collision course with apostasy.

Multigenerational Vision

Before we can do right, we must learn to think right. We all act in accordance with what we believe. Unfortunately, many Christians believe things about marriage, family and children that are grossly unbiblical. As a result we simply live for today with no thought for the consequences to coming generations. Once we grasp a multi-generational vision the pieces begin to fall into place.

Family Discipleship 101

What is your plan for discipling your children? This is a question most Christian parents cannot answer. What's worse, they have never been asked. We must have a plan for walking with our children, teaching them, and encouraging them to walk with God. We all have an academic plan (what classes they need to take, what schools they should attend, ,what grades they should make); it is simply tragic that the spiritual equivalent is largely non-existent.

This session provides biblical tools for walking our children through the discipline/training phase, the catechism phase, and the discipleship phase as we prepare to launch them into the world.

Introduction to Family Worship

In two hundred years we have gone from a time when family worship was the norm in Christian homes to a time when nine out of ten Christian parents cannot tell you what the term means.

Our homes should be places where Christ is worshipped on a daily basis. If we truly believe that he is central to all of life, then our homes must reflect that in the way we spend our time.

In this session attendees will learn how to start a simple, powerful, life-changing practice that will turn ten to fifteen minutes a day into multi-generational impact. The final session is the launching pad for the 28-day follow-up to develop biblical family habits.