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What He Must Be Conference

Equipping Men to Walk in Truth

Most young men will be husbands and fathers some day. Unfortunately, most of them will receive little or no instruction from their families as to what is expected of them in this role. What's worse, the overwhelming majority of these men will be accepted as suitors without the slightest interest or investigation in these areas by the family of the future mate. As a result, they will continue the trends that are currently undermining marriages throughout our land.

We can see the fruit of this discouraging reality in marriage after marriage, not just in the culture at large, but in the church. There simply must be a better way. And that better way must be derived from a careful study of God's word.


A Father's Role

The first session of this conference sets the tone for the entire weekend. If we understand a father's role, we automatically understand what we're looking for in a potential suitor, and what we are called to invest into our sons. Therefore, "A Father's Role" is the crux of the matter.

This session will examine key biblical texts concerning a father's role in his family in general, and with his daughters in particular.

The Ministry of Marriage

Some Christians believe it is inappropriate to pay so much attention to "preparing our children for marriage." Our goal, they argue, should be to prepare them to love and live for Christ. I couldn't agree more. I want my children to be like Jesus. However, jesus was a bridegroom who came for his bride, died for his bride, and is now making a place for her.

This session will examin the need to reevaluate views that call for putting off marriage for ministry's sake.

He Must Be A Believer

Is it lawful for a believer to marry a non-believer? If not, what exactly does it mean to be a Christian? How do we know?

This session will examin the clear biblical injunction against believers marrying non-believers, and offer clear biblical insight into the rationale behind this injunction. More importantly, though, this session will focus ont he doctrine of soteriology (salvation) and make a case for Biblical conversion. We also exposte the dangerous, unbiblical trends that have rendered many Christians completely helpless when it comes to defining and defending the biblical doctrine of salvation.

He Must Practice the Four P's

George Whitefield, in his classic sermon, "The Great Duty of Family Religion," wrote: [E]very governor of a family ought to look upon himself as obliged to act in three capacities as a prophet, to instruct; as a priest, to pray for and with; as a king, to govern, direct, and provide for them.

In this session, we examine these roles in a slightly different arrangement. We will examine the husband's role as Priest, Prophet, Provider and Protector, with a view toward discerning the potential for these qualities in the life of a potential suitor.